Wednesday, 12 September 2012

KDEC Sports Day 2012

Over 280 Deaf and Hearing Impaired students attended the 7th annual Sports Day at the Trusts Stadium in Henderson, Auckland on 15th March. The students who attended were from Auckland, Northland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty - the whole KDEC region. We fortunately had fantastic weather that day. 

The students participated in various athletics events such as sprint, discus, long jump, high jump, shotput, tug of war, and fun activities for the younger students. They had a fantastic time with a brilliant atmosphere. I could see the Deaf students enjoyed their time on this day.

Some Deaf and Hearing Impaired students were proud when they won prizes from their events, however everyone did try their best and for that they should be proud too. Keep giving your best everyone, and your potential to improve is there.

It is important for Deaf students to have the opportunities to gain confidence, social skills, take part in activities and make new friends, and Sports Day is one opportunity for this. The students were so excited, with some being nervous about the competition. From my perspective this allows them to develop their skills of socialising and physical activity.
I encourage all students to dream. Some students are already striving to participate in the NZ Deaf Games, and represent New Zealand at Deaflympics or World Championships.

Daniel Greenwood

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