Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Good Launch: the KDEC Transition Programme

Somewhere between the school years and the real world beyond lies the important time of transition into adulthood.  For KDEC students, a year or two in our Transition Programme can provide lifeskills training that will prepare them for the independent living.  From work experience to relationships to activities designed to broaden their horizons, Transition students have exposure to a wide variety of experiences that will help them get ready for their future.  For more information on KDEC’s Transition Programme, contact Kerry Jelicich at kejelicich@kdec.school.nz

Now Hear This! Audiology Services from KDEC...

When was the last time you saw a deaf or hearing impaired student getting excited to see the audiologist?  It’s actually a common occurrence, says Leslie Searchfield and her crew, audiologists for KDEC. “That’s mainly due to the stickers,” she explained.  Customising hearing aids with brightly coloured earmoulds and bling has become all the rage.  Along with lots of fun and funky  sticker options, KDEC’s audiology services are available at no charge on the Archibald site and include:

·         full diagnostic hearing evaluation for the children aged nine months through to adult

·         Hearing aid selection, fitting and management

·         FM selection, application for funding, fitting and follow-up

·         Students who utilise hearing aid and FM technology are also visited at school about once a term to ensure their equipment is working well

·         Free batteries for all children and youth using hearing aids from Taupo to Cape Reinga

An audiologist is also available to answer questions or concerns about the hearing loss and hearing aids.  Contact Leslie Searchfield at Phone (09) 8274859 or email: leslies@kdec.school.nz

Cochlear Implants: Looking (& Listening) Good!

Cochlear implants are pretty common nowadays.  What’s uncommon is the unique partnership between KDEC and Hearing House that provides trained staff so each child using this technology gets the help they need. KDEC has contracted through the Northern Cochlear Implant Trust since July 2005 to provide auditory habilitation and audiological support to children who receive cochlear implants. Working in conjunction with the Hearing House, this service focuses on the pre-school children. Many school aged children with progressive losses may also be referred to the programme. It is important that an initial referral is made early so that a child’s ability to hear spoken language is maximised. If you have any questions or enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact KDEC’s Jim Casey, jimc@kdec.school.nz

Monday, 12 December 2011

Question: Who's taking care of 1500 children at a time?

Answer:  KDEC’s Kevin Wong, Hearing Aid Technician

If you’re deaf or hearing impaired child is wearing hearing aids or using an FM system, or hearing with a cochlear implant, chances are good that you already know Kevin.  He’s an amplification technology wizard who shepherds the repair of some 350 devices for students all over the upper North Island each term.  Do the maths: that’s about five to eight devices per student (anything from hearing aids to FM sound systems/receivers, to iComs).  Kevin is good.  He’s really good at what he does.  And he’s fast and efficient.  Kevin’s output consistently beats the Ministry’s regulated timeline for maintenance and repair.  That he manages to do all of this solo, and without ever losing his cool is why his colleagues gave him a standing ovation at a KDEC Service Awards ceremony. 
It’s good to know KDEC has people like Kevin around to make sure the technology is doing its part for our kids—at no cost to their parents wherever these students attend school on the North Island.  Drop by the Kelston campus on Archibald Road in West Auckland and introduce yourself the next time you’re in town or contact Kevin at: kevinw@kdec.school.nz

Sunday, 11 December 2011


NZSL Tutor Shona can't wait to meet you!
Would you like to learn one of New Zealand's official languages? Then sign up for New Zealand Sign Language--it's fun and exciting!  KDEC offers NZSL  and Deaf Studies courses for families/Whanau, educational professionals, Deaf students in Deaf school, Deaf units, or in the mainstream.  We even teach hearing students in public schools. These NZSL courses are mainly designed for one to two hour lessons.  Our NZ Curriculum covers NZ Sign Language and Deaf Studies with sociocultural contexts for each level from Level 1 to Level 8.
Plus, KDEC can help you communicate with your signing Deaf child and/or with adults in NZSL. You will be taught NZSL Grammar with heaps of conversational practice.  If you would like to know more about NZSL, contact Anne Shorland at annes@kdec.school.nz