Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Keep In Touch Day - Rainbow's End

This is now a yearly event in the diary of all KDEC students in Year 7 and above. The trip started a few years ago as part of the KIT (Keep In Touch) programme just for mainstreamed students visited by Resource Teachers of the Deaf in the Auckland area. About three years ago the trip was opened up to students from our unit provisions and the Transition Department at KDEC, as well as students on Advisors on Deaf Children caseload. We listened to students who came to Sports Day and went one step further – they told us they wanted more than one opportunity to meet with friends they have made.  So this year we had students from the Far North and Whangarei, from Taumarunui, Taupo and the Bay of Plenty join us.

Thursday 13th September was a fabulous day, the weather was just what we had ordered. We all met outside Rainbow’s End – what a sight - almost 150  students, support staff and teachers all catching up with old friends and meeting new people. After a quick welcome we all made our way to the central area and then rushed off to make the most of the day. Some comments from the day...

Chelsea said “It was my first time going on a rollercoaster  ... and my last! I hated the loop. It took me a while to get over the ride. It freaked me out but I really enjoyed my day.

Rhianjuan from KGC  said “It was great fun catching up with my old classmate from Mission Heights, Anushika. I really miss seeing her”.  

Meghan who is mainstreamed at GEIS caught up with her friend Grace from the KIS provision, they raced from ride to ride and had fun catching up.


Tony didn’t know anyone else initially but had lots of fun racing with Mati  on the go-karts and enjoyed sharing an icecream with Michael just before we left. 
Liam spent the day catching up with other friends who are mainstreamed – Michael and Patrick.

It was Shaka and Jarole’s first time at a KIT day and they had a great time getting to know the other teens from Northland, Chakaya, Jordash and Huia. It was an eye-opener to see so many other Deaf / Hearing impaired teens when they got to Rainbow’s End. They were very excited and had a blast! The chatting didn't stop during the long journey home to the North.
If your child is keen to Keep In Touch with their fellow KDEC students, contact their Resource Teacher of the Deaf or their Advisor.