Sunday, 24 February 2013

KDEC Speech Competition


The very first Speech Competition for Deaf and hearing impaired students began in 2005 crowded into the KDEC hall. The night was just as nerve wracking for the first time organisers.  

Jamie Bassett-Burr, from New Zealand’s Shortland Street,  was in attendance as the first celebrity judge. Remember the speeches…. Pia talked about Egypt… Ishrat made his mark by talking about being a Muslim. Remember the famous quote; “the only good possum is a dead possum” expressed by one of our candidates in a later speech competition!

Over the years we have established an annual Speech Competition.  This phenomenal event is now lead by Deaf students. Every year the bar is raised and the speeches have become more sophisticated. The MCs used to be young Deaf adults and now we have Deaf and hearing-impaired high school students leading the night. Speaking of which our two MCs for 2012; Nerry and Joseph, were absolutely fabulous presenters and very well dressed. They were a memorable part of the occasion, as was Mojo Mathers - our famous deaf Member of Parliament.

Moments like these, I sure needed the minties! At the earliest inception of the Speech Competition some people were unsure this would be a successful endeavour. It took a lot of hard work and dedication from staff and students to get this off the ground. One particularly memorable occasion was when the co-ordinator’s laptop died just days before the second speech competition, losing all the information necessary for the event! Seeing the students perform on the night makes all the work behind the scenes worth it.

First and foremost – giving confidence and trust in Deaf and hearing impaired students to deliver a speech. This is an intrinsic part of leadership skills – making a presentation and convincing an audience. It will be great to see what happen to our Deaf and hearing impaired presenters in the next 15 years … where will they go and who will they be?   

Congratulations to all entrants in the 2012 KDEC Speech Competition.

RESULTS    2012

NZSL Research  1st place      Dean

NZSL Research 2nd place      Abdul

Oral Research 1st place        Kahurangi

Oral Research 2nd place       Karan

NZSL Storytelling  1st place  Miriam

True Life Story 1st place        Faaiu

Yours in sign

Sarah Cameron
Speech Competition Co-ordinator

To view the winning speeches from the 2012 KDEC Speech Competition, go to

Find out how to enter the annual KDEC Speech Competition from your Deaf Provision teacher, Resource Teacher of the Deaf or email .

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